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Why we trust Nuthatch Naturals to be the best for our kids

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There are so many skin care products available.  Which ones do you choose for your children?  We had a hard time finding a product that we could trust to be the best for our kids’ skin.  Here are a few reasons why we think our Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is head and shoulders above everything else.

It’s clinically tested by dermatologists.

To prove that Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is non-allergenic and extremely mild on skin, we ran a clinical irritation study at Bioscreen Testing Services, Inc., a clinical lab that is registered with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and ISO 9001 certified.  Following their test method, our lotion was applied repeatedly to 50 volunteers with a range of skin types, under the supervision of a dermatologist.  Not a single volunteer had any kind of allergic reaction, irritation, or redness!  This shows that the lotion is extremely mild.

For a children’s lotion, we would not want it any other way.  Children’s skin is different from adults.  It’s more sensitive and irritating chemicals can get through more easily.  We believe only the mildest products are good enough for kids’ skin.

It contains only natural and sustainable ingredients.

There are still many skin care products, even children’s products, that contain synthetic ingredients.  Such ingredients are not found in nature.  They are often made from crude oil in a refinery or chemical plant.  The chemical production process can introduce small amounts of toxic materials into the product, such as acrylic acid or 1,4-dioxane.

Some common skin care products contain petrolatum or mineral oil, an ingredient that comes from crude oil refining.  Some have dimethicone or cyclomethicone (silicone oil), materials that don’t exist in nature and are not biodegradable.  And some have irritating preservatives such as phenoxyethanol or synthetic thickeners such as carbomer.

We’ve said it before – Nuthatch Naturals contains only natural ingredients.  Nothing synthetic or made of crude oil.  We think natural ingredients are best for children’s sensitive skin.

It was developed especially for kids.  Children’s skin is different.

Children’s skin is different from adult skin. Skin cells are smaller in children and the epidermis is thinner, so that water and chemicals move through the skin more easily.

Children are more sensitive to allergens and to sunlight.  They have dryness, rashes, and redness more often than in adults, sometimes caused by viruses and microbes. And as every parent knows, children often injure their skin and get cuts and bruises. Children’s skin requires special care.

For that reason, children should use a children’s lotion such as the Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion.  And not products developed for adults.  Those often have irritating fragrances and adult ingredients – antiaging actives, vitamins, and fragrances.  None of those are good for children.

Kids love to use it.  It’s a product for them.

Children love having their own bottle.  Especially if they can be the same as mommy and daddy or their brother or sister.  But the bottle should make it clear that it’s for them – as Nuthatch Naturals does!

Kids will love it even more if their parents make skin care fun.  For example by creating a skin care game or face painting contest.  Good skin care habits learned young last a lifetime.

Every box of Nuthatch Naturals comes with an elementary school level puzzle.  If you order more than one, shipping is free.  And Nuthatch Naturals donates 10% of profits to a children’s charity such as Save the Children.

Trust us to make the best products possible for children.

The reasons above are why we think the Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is best for children with mild dry skin.  Let us know if you agree!  We love hearing from our customers.