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Making Skin Care Fun For Kids

Daily moisturizers aren’t just for adults:  they’re for kids, too!

Natural skin care can be a fun and healthy part of a child’s daily routine.  By applying a daily soothing lotion, children will find relief from dry and itchy skin.  A positive body image begins with good habits at an early age, and natural kids lotion is a foundational step to creating a long-term healthy lifestyle.  Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is a clean kids lotion that can be a fun part of your family’s healthy living plan.

How can children’s lotion be fun?

  • Lotion time can also be playtime

    Does your child enjoy face painting? If your child is reluctant to begin applying the product, paint smiley faces, stars, or other fun and upbeat designs on her face.  Who can create more imaginative designs:  you or your child?

  • Reward positive behavior

    Create a system of rewarding your child for applying moisturizer on a daily basis! Whether it’s a small financial token, praise during dinnertime, or even a favorite healthy snack, your child will look forward to using their lotion with that reward in mind.

  • Create a kid-friendly moisturizer contest, challenge, or game

    Kids may enjoy a little friendly competition with a sibling! Which child will be the first to apply his kid’s moisturizer each day?  How many days in a row will each child remember to use the lotion without a reminder?  Which child can perfect the most creative lotion application routine?  The opportunities are limitless.

  • Teach kids about sustainability

    By incorporating Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion into your lessons on sustainability, you’ll teach kids that their healthy habit will also help save the planet!

  • Designate together time

    Set a schedule when you spend just five minutes each day applying the soothing lotion with your child. Sing a song or read a book together immediately afterward so your child will associate the product with enjoyable quality one-on-one time.

  • Monkey see, monkey do

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Demonstrate to your child that applying your daily moisturizer is an activity you enjoy and not a chore.  Invite her to watch you and join in your ritual with her very own bottle of special lotion formulated with her in mind.

  • Challenge your child to complete the puzzle on the back of our recyclable product packaging!

Our Daily Soothing Lotion is the best kids lotion because it’s also a sustainable skin care solution.  Nuthatch Naturals uses the highest quality ingredients in our 100% plant-based kids lotion.  Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dermatologist-tested, the product is formulated from ingredients you recognize, like shea butter and avocado oil.  Certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny program, our Daily Soothing Lotion is the best kids skin care option available today.  Our company is committed to helping all children through our products and donates 10% of net profits to children’s charities like Save the Children.  Helping others is fun and rewarding too!