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How parents feel about skin care for their children

There is a common misconception regarding skincare that it is not an essential part of self-care but nothing more than an unnecessary indulgence. Now, whilst everybody is entitled to their opinion, we cannot stress enough that what you believe and therefore do or not do with your skin is entirely your own choice.

We believe, along with experienced dermatologists and many healthcare professionals, that taking care of your skin is important for maintaining healthy skin. Therefore, it should very much be a part of everybody’s daily self-care routine. Maintaining and caring for your skin is the best way to keep it healthy. Furthermore, it’s not just our skin we are advised to take good care of. As parents of younger children, we are highly encouraged to take our kids’ skin care seriously. But why?

Well, it’s because all skin needs to be treated and cared for to be healthy and children are no exception! Their skins need just as much attention as our own and for very similar reasons. The biggest difference, of course, is that parents are not always aware right away that their children’s skin needs assistance; as it’s not always easy to identify when it is not our skin. Parents should view skincare for their children as very important even if they cannot see why right away. Dry skin and even eczema are very common for children and will require treatment i.e skincare!

This is a realization that many parents are already well aware of which is evident when you look at how successful the baby skincare market is. Children’s skincare is a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The baby skin care market is expected to reach an eye-watering $225 billion this year! If our children’s skincare was not something we needed to take seriously then why would such brands exist?

Whilst a profitable industry is not the only reason why many parents take their child’s skincare into account, it is a contributing factor that goes into their decision-making process. Industry exposure is just one of the reasons alongside many others which we will be getting to soon. Many parents know exactly what they are looking for when shopping for their children’s skin care necessities and it’s not always what you expect…

Parents need to know what exactly they are looking to treat or help with, just as much as they are interested in learning how products can help their children!

For instance, if they see no physical need for something they might think twice about it and therefore pass up on buying children’s skincare. That is why it is important that we, as parents, do not always act at face value and by what we can see only!

Our children’s skin might not appear to us parents as though anything is causing them upset as the early stages of dryness and eczema can be difficult to see. Their skin might appear a little redder in places (especially around their knees and joints) but it can take some time for parents to notice the full extent of any inflammation on the skin. This reiterates our earlier point, that acting only when you can see a problem is not always advised. Parents will act fast when any dry skin or eczema is prominent on their child’s skin but at that point, it could now be more unpleasant for our children.

That is why the belief that skincare for children can at times be unnecessary as we are not the ones seeing or experiencing the effects is not a great way to look at it. Although, that is not the only thing that parents think about when it comes to skincare.

Before we put anything on our children we want to be reassured that everything is safe and comes from a reliable source. We would categorise this as trust. So how do parents feel about skincare products for children?

They will not think anything positive if there is no trust in or reason for any of it!

We know, as a natural children’s skincare brand, that it is very important for parents to be able to trust a brand before purchasing anything. The huge industry leaders hold the majority of the baby and child skincare market because they are seen as the reliable sources. They are looked to as brands which parents can trust to have their children’s safety as their priority.  Although, the debate on whom parents can trust has recently taken a different direction as many are now looking for smaller and more wholesome brands to become their new solution. But they must still trust the brand first!

Parents are buying from brands that they believe have their children’s safety as a priority.  Therefore, they need to believe they are buying only the best in natural, organic and clean skincare products for their children. Children are free-spirited, they like to explore and play, so parents do not want to have to worry about what skincare products might be doing to them. This is why non-toxic ingredients in products are very important!

They can help ease a parent’s mind, knowing that when their children put everything in their mouth – like younger children often do – any products on the skin that come into contact with their mouth will cause them no harm.

Once parents understand that children’s skin care is important to maintain skin health just as much as it can help treat skin concerns, then they need to trust who they are buying from and the products themselves. What’s more, parents gravitate towards clean, non-toxic, organic and natural products only; for safety and peace of mind.

This blog post written by Tanya Ellis.
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