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How Nuthatch Naturals Can Help Parents

Parents and child at market

Parents of young children are dealing with a lot of challenges.  Childcare is an ongoing issue if you work away from home.  Making sure your child is getting a good education is another one.  It can be hard to provide healthy meals, particularly if your child is a picky eater.  And if you have more than one, it’s not always easy to have the kids play peacefully without arguments and fights.  Finally, you want to teach your kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sports and exercise.

Maintaining the health of your child’s skin can be challenging as well.  There are so many products available to hydrate and protect their skin, but how do you choose?  Some kids have eczema or other medical conditions that require special products prescribed by a physician.  A lot of skin care products have synthetic ingredients that you might not want to use on your child.  Some also have active ingredients that address conditions like wrinkles that your child doesn’t have.  And children’s skin is different.  It’s thinner and more easily penetrated by irritating ingredients and fragrances.

At Nuthatch Naturals we want to make things easier for parents.  Our products are all natural, dermatologist tested, and designed for kids.  Here are some ways we help parents take care of their children’s skin.

Help with children’s dry skin

Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is formulated with many natural moisturizing ingredients.  Our ingredients include Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, and Tremella Extract, among others.   These ingredients work together to hydrate the skin and keep it well moisturized.  Many have antioxidant properties as well, warding off the effects of harsh chemicals and pollution on the skin.  Parents can feel confident that they are using the best product for their child’s skin.

Make it fun to use so that kids don’t resist

This was one of the primary motivators behind Nuthatch Naturals.  My then 7-year-old daughter had dry skin, but all the products on the market were scary looking, smelled bad, and were very sticky.  Why can’t a skin care product for kids be fun?

We have made Nuthatch Naturals fun with packaging that is kid-friendly and by having a puzzle on every package.  Kids know that this is a product for them.  How do you make skin care fun?  Let us know in the comments.  Some ideas are in this earlier blog post.

Take away worry about not using the right product

When you walk into a drugstore or search the web, there is an overwhelming selection of skin care products.  Naturally you want only the best for your child.  How do you pick the right product?  If you’re not a chemist, how do you decipher the ingredient list?  Do you even have to?

At Nuthatch Naturals, giving kids the absolute best products is our primary motivation.  Parents can trust that our products are safe and effective.  We don’t use any ingredients that could cause allergies or skin rashes.  We have tested that our product is not allergenic in a clinical test overseen by a dermatologist.  We don’t use any ingredients that could be a reason for concern for parents.

You can trust that our product is the best for your child.  No more reading ingredient lists!

Give you a lot of information about children’s skin and natural ingredients

We have studied the scientific literature in dermatology and cosmetic science.  There’s not too much available about children’s skin specifically, especially compared to adult skin.  Many dermatologists focus on adult skin concerns.  And many studies center on the effects of aging of the skin.

We will tell our customers about new scientific work concerning children’s skin and natural skin care ingredients that help reduce dry skin.  Sign up to our newsletter for the latest information.

Give you a voice in what new products we develop

We started Nuthatch Naturals with the Daily Soothing Lotion as our first product.  But we have many ideas for additional products.  There are many parts of kids’ skin care regimes that can be healthier, more natural, and more fun.  Look for our newsletter for new product announcements.

But we also want to hear from you!  What do you like and dislike about skin care and hair care products for children?  Drop us a note in the comments or send us an email.  Hearing feedback from our customers is always the highlight of our day!