Skincare products that are safe for your child

What can parents do to keep their children’s skin healthy and hydrated? First priority is to protect against sun damage. Daily sunscreen application is highly recommended, since kids are often outside in the sun. Sun damage in children is often evident in freckles and dark spots that can persist into adulthood. At Nuthatch Naturals, we recommend choosing a sunscreen based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are sun filters that do not penetrate the skin.

Children with sensitive skin

Children’s skin is different from adult skin. Skin cells are smaller in children and the epidermis is thinner, so that water and chemicals move through the skin more easily. Children are more sensitive to allergens and to sunlight.

Children are more sensitive to allergens and to sunlight

They have dryness, rashes, and redness more often than in adults, sometimes caused by viruses and microbes. And as every parent knows, children often injure their skin and get cuts and bruises. Children’s skin requires special care.

Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is an excellent solution for dry skin

Dry skin care

For children who are prone to dry skin, our Daily Soothing Lotion is an excellent solution. Chock-full of natural moisturizers and proven not to irritate the skin, it forms a protective barrier on the skin that limits water loss and irritation from allergens in the environment. And it is made entirely of natural, sustainable, and biodegradable ingredients. We care about our children’s future and sustainability is at the core of our mission.

We believe that a skin care product for children should have only natural, sustainable and gentle ingredients

Natural Ingredients

We believe that a skin care product for children should have only natural, sustainable, and gentle ingredients. Children are not adults and they don’t need anti-aging ingredients or dyes and colorants. There is no need for fragrances and other allergens. And most of all, the product must be fun to use and not scary. It can’t look, feel, and smell like medicine. We list details about our ingredients here.

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