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5 Ways To Use Nuthatch Naturals Lotion For Kids

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Our Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is a wonderful solution to all kinds of common skin issues that our kids run into.  We started developing it when we needed a dry skin lotion for our kids, but we couldn’t find any that was natural, mild, nontoxic, and developed with children in mind.  We’re very happy with the result!  We use it all the time.  Here are some ways:

On dry patches of the skin

Our daughter had very dry arms and legs throughout the year.  Nuthatch Naturals helped make them softer and less itchy.  They weren’t as bad as eczema, which needs medical care, but they were annoying enough.  Our pediatrician recommended Aquaphor and Eucerin, but those products are so thick and sticky.  They work well but our daughter hated them.  And we didn’t feel good about the synthetic and petroleum-derived ingredients in the formula.

After swimming

Kids love swimming and it’s excellent for their skin.  It thoroughly hydrates the skin and cleans off any dirt and sweat.  If they swim in salt water, for example at the beach, it has an antimicrobial effect, reducing the amount of harmful microbes on the skin.  The same with UV exposure from the sun during swimming – it disinfects and produces vitamin D in the skin.  A little of that is enough though – don’t get sunburned!

After sun

The warm rays of sunlight can really dry out the skin.  Always use sunscreen, and after washing that off, Nuthatch Naturals brings back the moisture to the skin and keeps it there.  Dermatologists suggest applying lotion immediately after sun exposure and then keep applying it three times a day.  This will improve the appearance of children’s skin and make it feel better.

After bath time

It’s important to seal in moisture after the bath and keep the skin hydrated.  Making a habit of using the Daily Soothing Lotion after bath helps kids understand the benefits of a good skin care routine.  And it makes them feel pampered and special!

On bug bites

There isn’t a good nonmedical solution to common bug bites and they can be so itchy!  If you don’t do anything, children will scratch and hurt their skin.  Nuthatch Naturals is not a medical product, but at least applying a small amount on the itchy area will feel cooling and it will keep the area moisturized.  Children will feel that the bug bite is taken care of.  They will scratch less and hurt the skin less if they scratch, because there is lotion on the itchy spot.

Above all, we feel that the Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion is a totally safe product for kids to use.  It’s entirely natural and doesn’t have any synthetic and possibly toxic ingredients.  It’s unfragranced and hypoallergenic so it will never irritate the skin.  The Daily Soothing Lotion contains mild natural moisturizers such as shea and kokum butter, olive and avocado oil, and tremella extract.

The kids love using it because it’s a product for them.  We trust it to only help and not hurt.  A comforting thought for parents concerned about their children’s skin.