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Why Kids Need Their Own Skin Care Products

Nuthatch Naturals stands out among other brands because our products are developed specifically for kids.  Most parents use either baby products or mild adult products to help keep their children’s skin healthy.  But kids aren’t babies.  And they definitely aren’t adults – kids don’t have the same skin problems that adults have.  They need their own products.

Children’s skin is different

There are many ways in which the skin of children is different from that of adults.  The skin cells are smaller and the pattern of grooves on the skin is finer, which means that creams and lotions will absorb differently on children’s skin.  The epidermis (the top layer of the skin) is thinner in children, so that product ingredients penetrate the skin more easily.  And children are more sensitive to allergens and sunlight than adults.

Of course, children’s skin may be dry from time to time, but kids rarely have adult problems like oily skin, pores, wrinkles, and acne.  A host of skin care ingredients in adult products are meant to make skin appear younger.  Kids don’t need those ingredients.  They mainly need hypoallergenic moisturizers and sun protection when they play outside.

Better hygiene

There are other advantages to giving kids their own skin care products.  It’s more hygienic for them to apply creams and lotions themselves, rather than parents applying the product for them.  Parents can inadvertently transfer allergens and bacteria from their fingers to the cream.  They may also contaminate the skin cream if it comes in a jar.

This is the main reason why Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion comes in a pump bottle.  Especially for kids, pump bottles are more hygienic than jars.  They don’t have to stick their fingers into a jar, which often causes the cream to get dirty.  And, the Daily Soothing Lotion pump dispenses just the right amount for a child.

More acceptance, less resistance

Kids will be more willing to use products if they are for them.  They will love having their own bottle!  With their own bottle, they will want to use it more regularly, which will help build lifelong healthy skin care habits.  And the condition of their skin will improve by leaps and bounds with regular moisturizer application.

If children are more willing to use moisturizing lotion if it’s their own bottle, they will also be less resistant to sunscreens and other skin care products.  It’s a win-win for the parents and kids!  Less drama during application and healthier kids.

Be like mommy (or daddy)

Kids always want to be like their mom or dad.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  And mom and dad have their own skin care products.  Giving kids their own products makes skin care a part of their everyday lives and makes them feel independent and proud.

One of our customers gave a bottle of Nuthatch Naturals Daily Soothing Lotion to her daughter, who liked it so much that she took it to school to show to her teacher and friends!

It’s fun!

It’s fun for a child to have her or his own lotion bottle.  Even more when it has the Nuthatch Naturals bird on it!  There are all sorts of games kids can play with their bottles.  And there’s the puzzle on the box, and more fun activities to come on our website.

Loads more fun than a generic lotion from a store.  Why not get Nuthatch Naturals for every child in your family?

So, we believe every child should have their own skin care product.  Children’s skin is different, it’s more hygienic if they apply the product themselves, they will be excited to have their own bottle, feel independent and grown up like mommy and daddy, and they will have fun with Nuthatch Naturals.