Skin Science

My Child Has Chicken Skin? How to Manage Keratosis Pilaris in Children

A sustainable and natural moisturizer for children Most of you know that we developed Nuthatch Naturals® because our daughter had very dry skin on her arms.  We looked for a sustainable and natural moisturizer but couldn’t find anything.  All products available online and in stores had either a lot of “adult” ingredients – fragrances, alphahydroxy…
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Brother and sister

A Natural Skin Care Routine for Kids

Children’s skin is different.  It’s more developed than babies’ skin, but not the same as adult skin.  Skin cells are smaller in children and the epidermis is thinner, so that water and chemicals move through the skin more easily.  Children are more sensitive to allergens and sunlight.  They have dryness, rashes, and redness more often…
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Nuthatch Naturals ingredients

Formulating Child-Friendly Skin Care Products: How Nuthatch Naturals Selects Ingredients

Children need skin care.  Many kids don’t use any products on their skin other than sunscreen in the summer.  But children suffer from dry and itchy skin more often than adults do.  If your kids are like mine, they don’t ask for help when their skin is itchy.  They don’t reach for a moisturizer.  They…
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Why kids get dry skin

Why kids get dry skin, what is it, and what to do about it Dry skin is very common in young children.  It’s often worse in winter, after swimming or bathing, and after sun exposure.  If dry skin becomes red and inflamed, it may be eczema.  This is a medical condition that should be treated…
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