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Why Nuthatch Naturals is the best skin lotion for kids

Nuthatch Naturals started because we could not find a natural skin lotion for children with only good, natural and clean ingredients.  And now that it is available for parents and children, we still can’t find anything that is better, even with all the lists of best lotions that are available on the internet.

Why aren’t other products better?  For one, they often contain fragrances and essential oils.  The first thing dermatologists and pediatricians recommend for common dry skin problems is to look for a fragrance-free lotion.  Many baby products and lotions for kids on the market contain fragrances and essential oils.  Nuthatch Naturals avoids them.

We aim for our skin lotion for kids to be as sustainable as possible.  There are a lot of skin care products that contain ingredients that are not biodegradable.  Very common ingredients that don’t biodegrade are polyacrylate polymers used as thickeners.  Sometimes these are labeled as carbomers.  Other ingredients that don’t biodegrade are silicones, also called dimethicones or cyclomethicones.  These are used to give lotions a silky skin feel, but they don’t biodegrade.

Our lotion for kids is one of the gentlest and mildest available.  We avoid all allergens and irritating ingredients that are often found in adult lotions.  Some of these are niacinamide and glycolic acid, which are often used as antiaging ingredients because they puff up the skin and make wrinkles less visible.  The skin puffs up because it is irritated.

Finally, Nuthatch Naturals is a light lotion that is easy to apply and spread.  When we first formulated it, we aimed for a lotion that was not as heavy and sticky as the barrier creams that our pediatrician recommended for dry skin.  Such creams contain mineral oil or petrolatum, ingredients that derive from crude oil.  They are effective but kids hate using them.

Our packaging is a recyclable PET bottle with a pump.  We researched many sustainable packaging options before landing on this one.  Glass bottles and jars were out because they can break and shatter.  The same with metal cans, which can have sharp edges that are not suitable for kids.  Cardboard jars are available but our lotion dried out in them.  We decided against a recycled plastic jar, because we were concerned about bacterial contamination in a jar.  Our pump is reusable, it dispenses the right amount of product, is easy for kids to use, and limits bacteria from getting into the product reservoir.  We continue to look for more sustainable packaging options.

Maybe we have convinced you that our lotion is the best possible.  Let us know what you think!

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